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IAM Room (Ammezzato Pad. 21/22)

Wednesday, 25 May 14:00 15:15 (CEST)

GLOBAL RIGHT TO REPAIR FORUM - Access to data and free competition in the automotive aftermarket


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Speaker - Frank Beaujan
Frank Beaujan

Managing Director of ASA Association and EGEA Board Member

Speaker - Sylvia Gotzen
Sylvia Gotzen

Chief Executive Officer of FIGIEFA

Speaker - Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe

Senior Vice President, Regulatory & Government Affairs of Auto Care Association

Speaker - Stuart Charity
Stuart Charity

Chief Executive Officer of Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

Speaker - Piergiorgio Beccari (Moderator)
Piergiorgio Beccari (Moderator)

President of A.D.I.R.A.


IAM Room (Ammezzato Pad. 21/22)